Coming with a Bang : Sacred Games – 2

What is going to happen in 25 days, we have waited for 1 year to get the answer and now Ganesh Gaitonde is coming back with answers in most awaited web serise Sacred games – 2 .

Releasing on 15th august 2019

You need to get your Netflix subscription renewed as we are sure you would not like to miss the first day 10 episodes of sacred games – 2 .

What we can expect in this session

  • Gaitonde’s third father will show his power in this session.
  • Saif would fight without a thumb lol.
  • We can expect a much more violence and adult content.
  • Gaitonde is wearing suit in this session? what is this happening? where is his lungi.

And for those Who are not here for Gaitonde, this is the reason you must watch this session

Anyway, waiting for more promos and more sessions, would keep updating.

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